What Can You Do When A Client Won’t Pay Tips and Tricks


What Can You Do When A Client Won’t Pay

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Last year was a bad year for Code Interactive as web developers. Business was great but several of our clients decided that they didn’t want our services…after we had completed the work. This is incredibly frustrating for freelancers and consultants as there isn’t too much we can do to ensure clients pay up. We require deposits for our services most of the time, but what of the remaining invoice? We did a couple jobs on good faith because we knew the client or had worked with him before, but we can say definitively that no previous relationship is a guarantee that someone will pay up.

Things you can do to encourage payment:

  1. Keep annoying the client with invoices
  2. Publicly shame them on social media
  3. Pull the plug on the website (nuclear option)

While we’re considering our options for the various clients, we can recommend a couple things for freelancers going forth:

  1. Always secure a deposit. No matter who you’re dealing with, it’s important to get a substantial deposit up front. This ensures that the client has skin in the game.

  2. Make the terms clear. When you ask for the deposit, make it clear that you will require full payment on delivery or you will be forced to shut down the site.

  3. Check your client’s reputation. This is the key. Most companies have reputation online, but not too many clients have reputation. Omobono offers a way to provide reputation for both parties in a contract through the Catholic Business Directory. That way, you know exactly who you’re doing business with. Of course, if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain, you also have a venue to air your grievances.

The two ways Omobono provides reputation is through verification icon next to a user:

Also, the page like rating on the user’s page indicates his or her reputation:

Hopefully these tools will help you in your quest to find the perfect client—or at least one that won’t stiff you!

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