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You Have Been Unfriended

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A few weeks before a breach of Facebook data security came to light a friend’s account was suspended for 24 hours for violating Facebook policy. The offending post was a meme that showed Scooby Do characters unmasking Planned Parenthood and finding the Nazis (it has been removed from Facebook can be found on the Omobono group page: ). It was accompanied by the caption, “ahha! #prolife”, which led the poster to wonder since he didn’t “attack people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or disability” that it might be against Facebook policy to be prolife.

He actually inquired about that to the Facebook appeals and received no response.

It should cause one to wonder about the entire operation. Why do we as Catholics support a platform whose admins are so clearly antithetical to our beliefs? Why do we give them our data, pictures of our kids, and even pay them through advertising when there is such disdain for the faith?

The answer is obvious—it’s the largest online forum. All our friends are on it and it’s a great way to interact with people you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to. It’s also important in such a mobile age to have a constant “home.”

But what if we had all those good things without having to support the creepy new big brother? What if there was a social network with only real people who respected your views as a Catholic?

That’s why we helped create Omobono. It’s an online marketplace, but it’s also a robust social network. If you have given up Facebook for Lent as so many Catholics do and found it refreshing, maybe that’s a sign. If you are worried about the constant barrage of anti-Catholic messaging from friends’ posts or the curated news content from Facebook, there is an alternative.

You can maintain a profile, join a group, and specify privacy settings to your own comfort. It’s the best of both worlds. And we’ll never use you for your data like some Orwellian robot!

Subsidiarity and solidarity in a social network. What could be better?

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