Have you ever posted something on Craigslist or a similar site and then immediately regretted it once you get the influx of random phone calls? Do you wish you had some sort of service that connected you to your community but also brought with it a sense of identity and reputation? Wouldn’t you rather do business with a fellow Christian?

Welcome to Omobono where Christians and all people of good will come to exchange goods, services, and ideas!

A Catholic Craigslist

We got the idea for Omobono after several people were posting about subletting rooms and finding roommates on our young adult Facebook group. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a site dedicated to providing an online community to support your local parish and neighborhood in exchange of goods, services, and ideas?! A Christian Craigslist, if you will.

You can post items to sell, give away, and barter, and the great thing about it is that each potential buyer has a reputation by fellow Omobono members to make it safer to do business. Not sure about a user? Check his profile and see how many people have vouched for him, then check out his friends to see how many you have in common.