Conversion Story Free Book Giveaway Dec 8 Art & Photography

Conversion Story Free Book Giveaway Dec 8

Dec 7, 2017
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Rambling Toward Truth: Finding God in Beauty, Art, Nature & Wanderlust

An artistic hippie, organic farmer, and ecosabotaging environmentalist discovers the true ways of God and nature by hitchhiking the country, living with hippies in a Santa Cruz commune, farming organically in Ithaca, and backpacking throughout Europe. The author, David Waylon, is a writer, a lawyer, a nonprofit documentary film director, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a world-traveler to nearly one hundred countries and territories.

It is available in Kindle eBook and paperback at

The eBook will be free to download all day (midnight to midnight) on December 8 2017, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

After that it will return to its normal price of $9.99 for eBook and $17.99 for paperback (additional $2.99 for eBook if paperback is purchased first).

If you download it free on December 8th, read it and like it, we would ask that you leave a review on Amazon and share it with your social circles. We will run two more free-day giveaways, one on Christmas Day and one on New Year’s Day (and two or three more in the following 60 days on big feast days). So if you review and tell your friends of the future giveaway, it will be appreciated.

Our hope is that with many positive reviews, the book will get into the hands of those who need it: the ramblers, alternative truth seekers, drug addicts, kids from broken homes, those with mental problems or gender identity issues, those called the losers in life, and those who have no problems but want reasons for the hope they have.

This is a brand new book. It’s first review is below:

This book was hard to put down, and really went through such a labyrinth of emotions and experiences. It is an insightful story of endurance, searching and finding. There is an incredible amount of strength and courage, and an incredible amount of humility and love. It’s the story of a journey, and not just in terms of miles and years, but of heart and soul.

This story touches on so many themes; the need to find periods of silence – which is mighty difficult in this atmosphere of being constantly connected and bombarded with information and noise. It touches on the theme of trusting a higher power and not to give up. It touches on the theme of being open and venturing out of our comfort zone when necessary – certainly not to take dangerous risks, but not to stay stuck where we are.

This story can be an inspiration to people in difficult circumstances to keep trying, to pick yourself up and begin again, to seek, to question, to be true to yourself, and to believe that for every failure there is always the opportunity for redemption. It’s a story for those of us who think we have it all together all the time. We should always be aware that life can change in a moment; will we be strong enough to endure? Will we be strong enough to seek the truth? Will we be strong enough to even begin the journey? This book can help with those questions, written from someone who’s been there.



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